CLAAS Tractors

Tractors have been part of the CLAAS global product range for the past 15 years. The tractor family has continued to grow during that time, and has now expanded in the North American market with the AXION 960-920 and AXION 880-810 tractors joining the well-proven XERION 5000-4000.

XERION 5000-4000

The CLAAS XERION 5000-4000 tractor: where productivity meets efficiency. This high horsepower (435-530 hp) 4WD tractor features a fixed frame, 31 mph road speed, and CVT transmission to reduce the time, risk, and cost of a job, so you can grow your business.



AXION 960-920

The AXION 900 series tractor (320-440 hp) with CMATIC transmission control is dynamic, smooth, and fuel-efficient. With maximum output, maximum torque, and maximum top speed occurring at a much lower engine speed, operating costs are reduced significantly.



AXION 880-810

The AXION 800 series tractor (200-285 hp) with 4-point cab suspension keeps operators comfortable throughout the long work days. With the most fuel efficient PTO horsepower and superior cab visibility, this tractor is made for livestock and livestock input producers.

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