Precision Farming

Precision Farming solutions by CLAAS.

CLAAS delivers a trifecta of technologies to offer the ultimate precision ag combinations for your equipment. Be it a LEXION, JAGUAR, or XERION, EASY technology is built on smart equipment, open platforms, and advanced digital tools.

Smart equipment improves operation and performance in the field. These systems utilize innovation over inclination. Sensor technology has enabled autonomous features and functionality to unleash the full harvesting potential to deliver unprecedented return on investment from the operator’s cab.

Open platforms give our customers the power of choice. The best agriculture equipment paired with the best precision components from companies such as Ag Leader and Trimble allow our machines to seamlessly fit into your precision farming ecosystem.

Advanced digital tools place the CLAAS farmer into the progressive category of tech savvy. The power of mobility and cloud-based offerings brings the harvest to your device at your fingertips. At the office or on the go, stay in the loop and stay in control.