Improve the Health and Appearance of your Lawn with a Husqvarna Seeder

Our Seeders are great for seeding new lawns and overseeding existing lawns. An adjustable seed gate accommodates a variety of grass types, 12 gauge angled blades maximize seed penetration, and the simple folding handle makes it easier to transport and store.


Want to take a closer look? Learn more about the product in depth by exploring its design and features.

Adjustable, ergonomic handle
Foam padded adjustable handle allows for three different operator heights as well as folding for easy transportation and storage. Handle mounted bail features an automatic safety declutching to stop blades.
Delta Blade Reel
Delta blade reel
Ideal for thinning running-stem grasses. The 12-gauge austempered steel blades have a unique angled position and beveled cutting edges that cut slits in the ground for dethatching, overseeding, or aerating slopes and terraces.
Large seed box capacity
Covered 30 lb capacity polymer hopper that will not dent or rust, features a site window and handle mounted seed gate activation.
Simplified height adjust
Control lever adjusts easily to seven preset depths to help maintain consistent depth while power raking.