Pole Saws

Reach New Heights with a Husqvarna Pole Saw
Dense tree crowns, high branches and thick greenery often make for a tricky working environment. Husqvarna’s professional pole saws are lightweight and designed for superior reach, balance, and performance.
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Low emissions with a Husqvarna Pole Saw
With the environment in mind

Together we have the power to minimize our environmental impact. That’s why Husqvarna pole saws are designed for fuel efficiency as well as low emissions. Our innovative solutions benefit your working environment as well as the environment as a whole.

Smart and ergonomic use

Husqvarna pole saws offer a wide range of smart and ergonomic design features. The Smart Start® function enables you to start the unit quickly with minimal effort. The inertia-balancing wheel reduces vibration, minimizing operator fatigue and providing improved cutting performance. Our Balance Flex™ harness helps to evenly distribute weight to reduce the stress on your back and shoulders creating a more comfortable working environment.

A Husqvarna Pole Saw is easy to start

Want to take a closer look? Learn more about the product in depth by exploring its design and features.

Telescopic tube
The tube has a telescopic function for quick cutting height adjustment
125LDx, 323LD, 325LDx, 326LDx
Detachable shaft
Tooless coupler separates shaft for easy transport and storage.
Smart Start®
The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort.
Smart Start, SmartStart
Balance Flex
Harness with ergonomic design. Flexible suspension to reduce stress on arms in all working positions.
Harness Balance Flex