Specialty Trailers


Need a trailer that needs to meet specific demands? Big Tex Specialty Trailers are designed with that question in mind. Designed to fulfill the job of any task that you have on hand.

When you look at Big Tex Trailer, you will see more than tires and steel. You will see the nation’s best designed trailer. Whether you are looking for a small heavy equipment trailer on the farm or a massive heavy equipment trailer for your ranch or construction company. Big Tex gooseneck and heavy equipment trailers are designed to handle whatever load you wish to place on them. When you pull our trailers, you will be fascinated by our easy to use features. These include adjustable couplers (crank top on 22GN, 25GN, and 3XGN), steps and handles on out gooseneck products, low profile decks, easy to use ramps, lockable toolboxes on many of Big Tex goosenecks, and out optional hideaway ramps on many of our heavy equipment trailers.