Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Vibrant with a Husqvarna Sprayer

Invest in a liquid Husqvarna sprayer and take your backyard or customer’s property to the next level.

Husqvarna Turf Sprayers

Husqvarna’s manual sprayers are ready for use in residential gardens, professional spaces and anywhere else you wish to beautify.

Husqvarna turf sprayers are manual and designed for users who demand greater reliability from their liquid sprayers, season after season. If you want to take your home’s backyard or a customer’s property to the next level of excellence, invest in a liquid sprayer you can count on.

  • Designed for any commercial or residential use.
  • Durable designs and high-quality parts.
  • 4-gallon, 2-gallon and 48-ounce sizes.


  1. DURABILITY Our manual sprayers offers long-term durability superior to that of the nearest competitors.
  2. EASY REPAIRS Designed for simple, tool-free repairs to prevent unnecessary downtime. Say goodbye to sprayer frustration!
  3. ERGONOMICS User-focused design choices make our sprayers easy and comfortable to use. You’ll be empowered to work longer and get the job done faster.

48 oz. Handheld Sprayer

4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer

2 Gallon Handheld Sprayer