Guaranteed Results with a Husqvarna Brushcutter

Rough grass, weeds, small bushes or brushwood to remove? Professionals and homeowners alike rely on Husqvarna Brushcutters to help them tame even the toughest terrain.

Power, perfomance and versatility
Lighweight and well-balanced
Comfortable, safe and efficient
The X-TORQ® engine in a Husqvarna Brushcutter reduces exhaust emissions and increases fuel efficiency
Powerful and performance-packed features

Our commercial-grade brushcutters allow you to choose the features you need to handle tough jobs easier and faster. Smart Start™ ensures the unit will start quickly with minimum effort. Select models feature an auto return stop switch. When the machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting. X-Torq® technology reduces exhaust emissions and increases your fuel efficiency. Regardless of the model you choose, you can expect professional power and performance.

We’ve got your back

Extensive research and development has led to Husqvarna’s ergonomic harness designs. Our forestry clearing saws are equipped with harnesses that improve maneuverability, enable you to manage your job in a safer way and reduce the strain on your body. With broad back support, shoulder straps and hip belts that spread the machine’s weight, our harnesses maximize balance and make the units feel lighter and easier to handle.

With a brushcutter from Husqvarna your operations will feel ergonomic, balanced and comfortable
Make your brushcutter versatile by adjusting it to your task – from trimming to work in rough terrain
Three tools in one

Husqvarna brushcutters are reliable and versatile to help you complete even your toughest clearing projects. Our FR units come fully equipped with a saw blade for cutting smaller trees and bushes, a grass blade with support cup for mowing heavy grass, and trimmer head for trimming grass. It’s like getting three powerful tools in one.


Want to take a closer look? Learn more about the product in depth by exploring its design and features.

Adjustable handle bar
Adjustable and ergonomically designed handlebar for best comfort.
545RXT, 545RX
Effective anti-vibration dampeners absorb vibration, reducing stress on the user’s arms and hands.
X-Torq® engine
The X-Torq® engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%.
130BT, 150BT, 170BT, 180BT
Easy cutting equipment conversion
Magnetic locking pin holder facilitates quick conversion of cutting equipment.
345Rx, 343R


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