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Our passion for building combines dates back to 1936, and since then we have continuously shaped the history of harvesting technology. Learn more about our latest innovations here.


LEXION 8000-7000

Meet the all-new LEXION 8000-7000 combine: an engineered mix of efficiency, precision, and convenience—all in a reliable and easily-maintained package

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LEXION 780-730

The LEXION 700 series, which features the APS HYBRID SYSTEM, reduces fuel consumption, reduces grain loss, increase productivity, and drives down the cost of harvest.

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The LEXION 670 straw walker combine uses the same high capacity APS threshing technology as the LEXION 700 series, which allows it to excel in capacity compared to competitive straw walker combines.

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Committed to meeting diverse harvesting conditions, CLAAS offers a wide range of combine headers to meet the needs of your farming operation.

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